PEX pipe
PEX pipe is one of the most widely used tubing systems in varied applications. PEX pipe is available in varied sizes. Some of the most common sizes of the PEX pipe are ½ inch, ¾ inch 3/8 inch and 1 inch. These are frequently used in numerous residential and commercial applications. The 1 inch PEX pipe is one of the most flexible tubing that makes it highly suitable for use in various plumbing and heating operations. The 1 inch PEX pipe with oxygen barrier is widely used in under floor radiant heat operations.
The inside diameter of the 1 inch PEX pipe measures 0.862 inch whereas its outside diameter measures 1.125 inch. The volume of the 1 inch PEX pipe in gallons per 100 ft of tubing amounts to 3.03 which make it suitable in various applications. The size of tubing is of utmost significance as it determines the rate of flow of particular tubing. This in turn becomes an essential criterion to decide its use in various applications. The 1 inch PEX pipe is an idle size that offers great advantages and benefits to the user.
PEX pipe is effectively used in varied applications due to its robust strength, easy flexibility and exceptional durability.


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