PEX pipe
PEX pipe is one of the most widely used tubing systems in varied applications. PEX pipe is available in varied sizes. Some of the most common sizes of the PEX pipe are ½ inch, ¾ inch 3/8 inch and 1 inch. These are frequently used in numerous residential and commercial applications. The 1 inch PEX pipe is one of the most flexible tubing that makes it highly suitable for use in various plumbing and heating operations. The 1 inch PEX pipe with oxygen barrier is widely used in under floor radiant heat operations.
The inside diameter of the 1 inch PEX pipe measures 0.862 inch whereas its outside diameter measures 1.125 inch. The volume of the 1 inch PEX pipe in gallons per 100 ft of tubing amounts to 3.03 which make it suitable in various applications. The size of tubing is of utmost significance as it determines the rate of flow of particular tubing. This in turn becomes an essential criterion to decide its use in various applications. The 1 inch PEX pipe is an idle size that offers great advantages and benefits to the user.
PEX pipe is effectively used in varied applications due to its robust strength, easy flexibility and exceptional durability.

Benefits Offered By Electric Pipe Heating Cable to Users
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The electric pipe heating cable are units used to protect pipes and tubes from freezing during chilly winters. These cables are excellent to supply freeze protection to plastic as well as metal based pipes. There are number of benefits offered by these cables that are as follow:
  • Functionality: The electric cable provide excellent functionality to users as it can produce required amount of heat in very less time.
  • Durability: The cables hold strong robustness, strength and long lasting durability. It is free from breakage, damage or cracks.
  • Reliability: These cables can be used for long time with full reliability.
  • Long Service Life: Since, the cables possess long lasting strength so it is easily able to serve users with long life of service without additional maintenance prices.
  • Easy Installation: Installing these cables is very easy. It is available in long length forms that can be cut down according to required size.
  • Superior Performance level: The level of performance offered by electric pipe heating cable is very high. They are made with powerful heating elements that allow generating of heat in very less time.
  • Self Regulating Mechanism: The cables are incorporated with self regulating mechanism that automatically helps it to adjust to temperature levels of outdoors. This also provides enhanced protection to pipes and tubes.
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation: The cables hold excellent thermal insulation mechanism due to which the level of heat loss is very low while the efficiency served is very high.
  • Cost-Effective: The price of securing as well as installing these cables is very low therefore making it affordable for users to make use of these cables.
  • Energy Efficient: The cables generate heat without use of thermostat and are excellently energy efficient.
  • There are countless advantages supplied by electric pipe heating cable that makes it most suited way to provide freeze protection to tubes and pipes.

In the mid-50s there were pipes made of polyethylene
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In the mid-50s there were pipes made of polyethylene (PEX pipe), which gave new impetus to the wider application of them in construction. One of the advantages of plastic pipes is that they are resistant to low temperatures down to -20 ° C. This helps the polyethylene pipe and hold their seal even in winter conditions. Polyethylene pipes are connected mechanically with brass or polypropylene fittings. Area of ​​application - mostly cold water. In the early 70s there were tubes of "cross-linked" polyethylene (PEX), characterized by higher strength and higher resistance to temperature. There are several versions of such pipes, depending on the method of "joining". These tubes can be used already in hot water systems and pipes, equipped with oxygen barrier layer - and in heating systems.

The next stage of the pipe lines are metal-tube (MT, plastic pipes). Metal pipes are a five-layer structure: the main pipe of cross-linked polyethylene, the adhesive layer deposited on its outer surface, a layer of aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.1-0.15 mm, re-glue layer and the outer protective sheath made of PE (polyethylene). Unfortunately, the maximum diameter of such tubes to 40 mm, and because they have limited application.

Radiant Floor - a saving of energy expenditure
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To maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, office, apartment and industrial buildings underfloor water has no competitors. The main element in the system of floor heating, floor heating water, are the pipes are laid into the floor construction. Due to the heated waters, which circulates in the system Radiant floor heat is distributed uniformly from the bottom up, so there is overheated zones or slightly warmed plots, which can not but note with radiator heating system. Due to the uniform heat transfer from all over the floor, we arrive at the desired temperature of 25 ° C at the foot level and 20 ° C at head level, thus we avoid the effect of convection, as in the radiator heating, when temperature readings seem contrary. Underfloor water has no competitors for energy efficiency in your home.

PEX tubing - Generous in this, we can reduce the room temperature at least 2 ° C, and this in turn provides significant energy savings (15% -45%).

Warm floors with PEX tubing
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Wood is hygroscopic, the water from the air and PEX tubing supplies in contact can either soak into the woodwork, and vaporize them. The result is that wood products can change their sizes depending on the ambient humidity. Ideal for wood products is a constant humidity in the room throughout the year. However, in the homes it is difficult to achieve - in winter the indoor air dry in the wood flooring can appear "gap" in the summer, on the contrary, the air is humid and, if the floor is laid too tight, you may receive the "swelling".

   Relative humidity has an effect on any wood floor, regardless of whether mounted beneath a water floor heating or not.

   The optimal interval of the relative humidity - 30-60%, both during the installation of wooden flooring, as well as after. If the relative humidity is less than 30% on the floor cracks may appear, more than 60% - swelling. Relative humidity outside the range of 30-60% when laying flooring is a serious violation of pipe installation technology.

PEX tubing
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PEX Tubing Installation from PEX Tubing on Vimeo.

Shopping for PEX at the lowest price
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Even if PEX tubes are cheaper than regular pips, sometimes the costs cannot please everybody, especially when they want to get extremely large quantities. Some PEX supply stores can offer a discount to clients that buy over a certain amount of money or that purchase a large quantity of PEX. But these discounts cannot go over 10% in regular sales and 20% in discount seasons. For people that have to pay about 1000% to replace their PEX supply this is not that much of a discount. Furthermore, the PEX tubes have to be brought home somehow, one can not actually carry these to the place they need it, so the store can charge for transport, making the discount show practically even lower than 10%.

Polymer categories, PEX-a, PEX-b and PEX-c are not so different when it comes to costs, and sometimes people don’t even care which are they buying, PEX-a, PEX-b or PEX-c as long as the vendor offers a discount.

The truth is that it in does not matter. These categories are only different buy obtaining methods, not by resistance.

If real stores provide only a bad idea when it comes to shopping, online retailers are much different. Here one can easily get a large discount when purchasing a certain quantity of polymer, and also get free shipping. Not to mention the advantage of not having to search around stores the right materials and so on. Sometimes, the sites that sell polymer tubes will also have tools needed for installing the pipes and also fittings. This way, one can order everything he needs directly from the same virtual store.

Even more than this, because of ordering a large quantity of polymer tubes from the same site, the producer could offer the fittings as a bonus, and the client will pay nothing for the rest.

Pex tubing - smart alternative for traditional pipes
Pex Pipe, PEX Fittings, PEX Tubing
Pex is an acronym for cross linked polyethylene. It is manufactured from HDPE that stands for high density polyethylene polymer. PEX pipes were first developed in Europe in 1960’s and later on in 1980’s it was introduced in the market of the United States. Now days PEX tubing have spread widely all over the world. It has several benefits over traditional pipes which makes it applicable for various applications. It is an element of the water supply systems that has many advantages over rigid plastic pipe (CPVC, PVC and ABS) and metal pipes (iron, copper, lead). It is highly flexible, durable and supple that provides simple and easy installation than other inflexible plastic and metal pipes and allows very few fittings and connections.

PEX is a malleable plastic pipe that has been hardened by using a special chemical that provides strength to the polyethylene. This product is gaining popularity day by day as it is serving the purpose of water supplies in residential areas and available to use in varied applications. This pipe has the ability to endure in high temperature and freezing point. The installation process is quite simple and relatively inexpensive. PEX connection and fittings can be done easily than soldering of the traditional pipes and can be made to bend at corners at 90 degrees without the need of the joints and connections.

PEX pipes can be used ideally in cold as well as in hot water systems. It is used globally for sidewalks and heated coerce ways to melt snow and in other radiant heat applications. It is becoming trendy with commercial refrigeration due to the minimized risk of breakage from freezing. Another advantage of the PEX pipes is that it is very easy and simple to operate with only few fittings and connections which minimize the plumbing problems which occur at joints.

PEX plumbing for your warm floors in cold winter 2011
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With introduction of PEX, potable water applications have become much simpler. This is because only fewer connections are required with PEX systems thereby making its installation simplex. The finest fact related with these units is that they do not get react with chemicals present in air. This eliminates all chances of these units being getting chlorinated which make the water supplied through these pipes completely safe to drink. Smooth interior surface is designed in PEX Plumbing components so that the water flows through them quietly, without creating any noisy nuisances. This also provides an un-interrupted flowing mechanism for even much larger spaces.

As far as safety is concerned, the PEX plumbing structures are undergone through stringent test mechanism. These strict test’s levels have been set up seeking enormous performance of such tubes which have been laid down by senior most authorities of plumbing department. The PEX tubing has also successfully cleared up vigorous pressure testing procedure. They are tested for such high pressure rate for about half an hour in order to make them perfect for all sorts of rigorous functionalities. It meets high standards laid down by ASTM, ANSI and MSF along with CSA norms as well.

The PEX plumbing is one such mechanism which possesses outstanding features which one can want. Due to its advanced applicability, it is the first choice among house builders and owners.
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USA PEX pipe market
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Not as bad as it could be, but not as good as it should. The reason is not only in the inertial thinking man in the street, for which water and heating in a house associated with steel tubing and cast-iron radiators, but also in resistance to innovation workers of operational services for which non-metallic tubing means the need for retraining and job losses. Nevertheless, scientific and technical progress in this sphere of the economy is rapidly gaining position. At the "Aqua-Therm-98 more than 20 companies represented in Seattle on a wide range of PEX tubing of its own production. Most active in the USA market, foreign and domestic companies offering the same products and at exhibitions Settle build-98, "Cottage-98. Communicating with representatives of companies involved in installation of plumbing and heating systems, showed that confidence in the new materials in the population grows. In particular, metal tubing were used in buildings whose owners can not afford to save when there is a choice, for example, between the tubing made of polypropylene, reinforced, and a metal, as well as in cases where metal-tubing is no alternative. There is good reason to talk about that, and about the technical aspects of installation and operation of metal-tubing.

Produce PEX tubing and fittings
Pex Pipe, PEX Fittings, PEX Tubing
To produce brass fittings used rigid plastic modification (without plasticisers), so that products have long life, high strength and low weight. Thus the results of laboratory tests are guaranteed to retain their strength up to 50 years. In addition, the significant advantage of the traditional systems is that the PEX tubing do not corrode and does not become clogged sediments, and in case of their use in regions with a high degree of chlorination, they do not react chemically, which significantly improves the quality of water. Used polymer materials are chemically neutral and resistant to more than 500 different chemical compounds and they are not toxic and safe to bacteriological point of view, as confirmed by U.S. agencies, allowing the above mentioned materials for use in construction; meet fire safety requirements. They do not support combustion, the temperature of ignition above 380 ° C, and the toxicity of substances released during the combustion is no greater than the toxicity of gases emitted during the combustion of wood. All of these benefits are confirmed by experience more than 30 years of exploitation of polymer products in the U.S. and Europe.
Connecting tubing and fittings made using an aggressive adhesive on a "cold fusion". This glue joints are not inferior in strength welded. In preparing the tubing using special scissors or an ordinary hacksaw. A wide range of tubing and fittings, you can create plumbing systems of varying complexity and configuration without problems when connecting products from PEX and CPEX with steel or other systems. And another, in our view no small, the advantage is their low and relatively stable price. The cost of water (parts and assembly) on the basis of PEX tubing in a standard apartment is on average U.S. $ 100-120


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