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Radiant Floor - a saving of energy expenditure
Pex Pipe, PEX Fittings, PEX Tubing
To maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, office, apartment and industrial buildings underfloor water has no competitors. The main element in the system of floor heating, floor heating water, are the pipes are laid into the floor construction. Due to the heated waters, which circulates in the system Radiant floor heat is distributed uniformly from the bottom up, so there is overheated zones or slightly warmed plots, which can not but note with radiator heating system. Due to the uniform heat transfer from all over the floor, we arrive at the desired temperature of 25 ° C at the foot level and 20 ° C at head level, thus we avoid the effect of convection, as in the radiator heating, when temperature readings seem contrary. Underfloor water has no competitors for energy efficiency in your home.

PEX tubing - Generous in this, we can reduce the room temperature at least 2 ° C, and this in turn provides significant energy savings (15% -45%).


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